Teacher 101

Do you find yourself run ragged by the demands placed on teachers in a post-Covid world? John Barrett has been teaching for nearly 3.5 decades and has some ideas to share about how to care for your inner teacher.

Teaching Consent Through YA Literature

This presentation will take a look at teaching consent through various books. We will define consent, look at songs that both ask for and ignore consent, and dive into books that allow readers to see the four aspects of consent for this unit. Teachers will leave with a unit of work that is valuable and engaging.

Adventures in Empathy: Inviting Videogames into First Year Writing

Building on the work of Bonnie Ruberg and Stephen Greer, we unpack affordances of otherness in mainstream video gaming. Voraciously consumed by our students, games-as-texts do ludic and narrative work akin to literary fiction: they encourage confronting, understanding, and bonding with the unfamiliar. In the writing classroom, these mass-texts are an emerging vector of empathic response, academic engagement, and digital literacies.

When you put this all together, just make sure you don’t have things separated from their names, etc. It requires some fenagaling in the end, but it looks clean.

Authentic Classroom Management Strategies for the High School ELA Classroom

Looking for ways to manage your classroom that create positive spaces for students to be themselves? Wanting to avoid yelling and power struggles between yourself and your students? Looking for something more sustainable and fulfilling than relying on admin to “discipline” on your behalf? My name is Angie Heiser, and I have some tips and tricks for you! I have been in the high school ELA classroom for 10 years and have implemented a variety of tactics that have helped me build a sustainable classroom management plan that has changed my teaching career. Join me as I give you ideas to change your perception of “classroom management” and help you create something sustainable and enjoyable for yourself and your students.