Saturday, 12:00 noon – President’s Lunch with Keynote Speaker Naomi Davis



Ms. Davis is the founder and president of BIG: Blacks in Green™ whose vision is to create self-sustaining black communities everywhere, achieving world peace through home economics. She will discuss the transformation of neighborhoods into green, self- sustaining, mixed-income villages, which is of benefit to our entire communities, for “what’s good for the African diaspora is good for everyone; and what’s bad for the African diaspora is bad for everyone.” BIG believes we must “conserve or collapse; help is not on the way; nothing trumps self-help; only a whole-system solution can transform a whole- system problem.”  BIG is a member of the the Illinois Smart Solar Alliance, a group which seeks to grow solar energy in Illinois, bringing it into neighborhoods responsibly to ensure that the growth of this important resource benefits all communities. Committed to education, community engagement and solar policies that benefit all of us, the Alliance seeks to grow Illinois’ clean energy futur and ensure the path to a greener tomorrow. Sponsored by ComEd.


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