Breakout Session I

Saturday, 3:00 p.m. – 3:50 p.m.

Session I1

LeRoy King,
          St Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty
Room: Fell A
Audience: General

You’ve Got to Be Kidding!  Time to Teach?
You will learn 5 proven strategies that raise academic scores while dramatically reducing referrals by 80%. Increase job satisfaction by re-igniting the passion to teach. Grow your influence; create positive learning experiences; and enjoy.

Session I2

Sean Hackney,
        Minooka High School
Room: Fell B
Audience: High School

The Composition Classroom: Assessing Academic Writing and Webtexts in a Way That Honors the Process of Writing
Writing for authentic audiences prepares students to be reflective and successful writers. The presenter will share the process that students undertake when writing academic essays and webtexts. Also, the presenter will share his experiences with turning over evaluation to students so that this dynamic process of writing is not obstructed.

Session I3

Janice Neuleib
        Illinois State University
Room: Fell C
Audience: General

You DO Have Time to Write!
Teachers need to write to be effective writing teachers/coaches, yet time often seems to slip away. This session provides both prompts and activities for being a teacher writer. Imagine a piano teacher who doesn’t play a piece for her students. We need to “play” along with our students: this session will provide ways to engage in text production and revision without cutting into time demands.

Session I4

Carrie Thomas
Jamie Zarnstorff
    Warren Township High School
Room: Redbird E
Audience: General

25 Strategies in 50 Minutes
In a fast-paced format inspired by Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, Jamie and Carrie will present twenty-five strategies to help you improve, streamline, simplify, and enjoy instruction and evaluation.  Prepare yourself for a wealth of information that can be put into practice instantly with any text or topic.

Session I5

Alisha White
    Western Illinois University
Cynthia Karabush
    Grayslake North High School
Room: Beaufort
Audience: High School

Close to Our Hearts: 10 New Authors who Engage Students in Reading
Book talks from our “Top 10 Authors to Watch” lists including exciting up and coming authors and under-recognized authors who write about issues relevant to teen lives, and get their readers involved. We will include multiple themes and genres (and formats) with high YA appeal.

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