Business Meeting/Featured Speakers

9:00 a.m. – Continental Breakfast, Business Meeting, Featured Speakers  

zemelman-smithSteve Zemelman and Katy Smith:
Reading, Writing, and Action –Yes, College and Career Ready But Also Citizen Ready

When students explore issues that matter to them, reading, writing, and rsearching become highly meaningful. When they plan and participate in social action now, rather than just talking about it, when they know inquiry leads to improving their school or community, it becomes organic and powerful. Realizing their voices can be heard, they develop a sense of efficacy and a strong commitment to learning.  Preparing students to become engaged, active citizens is an essential purpose for public education, something our society needs now, and something we can address in English and language arts, as well as other subjects. Steve Zemelman will share classroom stories and strategies, and Katy Smith will describe research to help teachers bring this vital work to life in their classrooms.


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