Classroom Essentials Award

Since it was our first time with the Classroom Essentials Award process, we were able to learn a lot.  More importantly, we want to share what we’ve learned with you and invite you back next year as a finalist.  Really briefly, here are some of the changes you can expect next year:

  • IATE will request a brief background statement about your company, product, and/ or mission that our team can preview. We believe this will allow you to focus your 20 minutes on the awesome details than make you special.
  • IATE will provide a rubric and our panelists’ bios to you ahead of time, so you can tailor your presentation accordingly.
  • IATE will continue to keep our winning categories flexible so that we can highlight the best products. We will make that aspect of the judging/ evaluation clearer.
  • IATE will streamline the physical space to make it easier to see where to check in and wait. We will also provide snacks and beverages for you in this space.
  • IATE will start the judging earlier in the day to allow our team time to compose their written feedback on the day of judging so that you receive timelier feedback.

Again, we realize that having this information would have been helpful for our most recent event but we are an organization committed to learning and growth, not perfection.  We have deep respect for our partners and hope that you’ll stick with us and join us again next year!

If you participated in the Classroom Essentials Award process this year and are interested in providing feedback please email Carrie Thomas.

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