2022 Conference Signup—Member Rate

This conference package rate is available only to individuals who are both logged into this website and who are current members of IATE. The steps below specify procedures to take to meet both conditions.

Step 1 to remove this annoying message (Are you Logged In?):
If you are logged in to iateonline.org, you will see the exclamation, "You are logged in!" below (instead of the login form). If, however, a login form appears, please use it to log in (or, if you don't have a username/password, please register for iateonline.org; or if you can't log in because you've forgotten your password, please click here).

Step 2 to remove this annoying message (Are you an IATE Member?):
If you are logged in and this message still appears, your membership has either expired or has not yet been purchased. To renew or become a member please click here for membership signup (or you may click here for membership signup and conference registration in one form).

NOTE: First-year teachers, undergraduate students, and pre-service teachers all may all become members for free.

(If you believe there may be an error in our records about your membership status, please contact us and we will get back to you.)

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