Draft of Executive Board Project of 11/15/2015 (updated 11/18/2015)

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IATE Executive Board Meeting



  • Minutes Taker:   


  • Old/New Business:
    • Review Current Finances
      • 9/30/15 – $25,438
      • Currently – $1,216.02 (after hotel bills related to conference expenses)
    • Brainstorm and Act on plans to move forward (we will split into small groups for this work)
      • Opening discussion:
        • cancellation policy:  70% for next year (So this is not really an option)
        • How much are we charging people?
        • Can we afford to give away memberships?
          • student fee for conference:  Needs to equal what they would pay for meals.
          • no first year free?  
            • if we keep the first year free…you still have to put in a credit card so it is automatic.  
          • student membership:  still free?  No print version of the bulletin for students.  (check with Jan to see if not printing this amount would save us any money or if we have to print a certain number)
          • automatic renewal  – we put it on them to cancel.  – Check with Maegan to implement this change.  
          • Spring meeting – can update fees (from Constitution)
        • We need to be getting more people to stay overnight.
        • Fee for food?
          • Discussion about the hotel charging us for a certain number of dinners.  Mark and Jean are going to check on this to make sure it was part of the food/beverage minimum and not an excess charge.  
        • To set a budget for a conference:  How much are you spending per person?  (all conference fees and then divide it by the people)
          • You have to make your number.
          • We need to do our math #ForReal
        • Friday night banquet – additional cost for just non-attendees.
          • Local performers – a college or high school
          • Friday night pub crawl – discussed this option
          • Art crawl – Bloomington/Normal does this on the first Friday normally.
        • Brunch at 10 am – some sessions before, some after, rather than full lunch.
        • Angelo – reach out to the Obamas (as joint authors of the year)



  • PRIMARY GOAL OF THE MEETING: Market IATE as an investment for our Ask (marketing statement)


        • total membership:
        • conferences
        • social media presence
        • teacher pd
        • District networking and support
        • If we didn’t exist, what is lost?
        • Why should the company care?
        • Tiered sponsorship
      • Larger Partner Opportunity:  Research possible partners (Who is their philanthropy / community relations contact?  What community investments have they done recently and for how much?)


TAX ID 501 c3:  23-71-21-215

We need a MEASURABLE outcome for how we are using their funds.


          • Barnes and Noble
          • Target – 5% back (for one day?)  – Kim K. and Jen
          • Wal-Mart


  • Staples – Kim (contact email:  foundationinfo@staples.com)
  • Scholastic


          • Starbucks – At this time, Starbucks is not seeking opportunities for national or local partnerships or sponsorships. In addition, we are not accepting product or in-kind requests. We continue to remain focused… Genevieve 11-15-15


  • State Farm – Angelo and Carol (Sept 1st – Oct 30th – window for grant proposals – made a note for next year)


          • Pepsi – Genevieve email letter of interest for  education. The letter must include information such as the goals,objectives and cost of the program.  pepsico.foundation@pepsi.com
          • FedEx
          • Apple (iTunes U?)
          • Office Max – Office Depot


  • Half Price Books – Deb and Genevieve (asked for $5,000 on 11-15-15)


          • Panera


  • Walgreens


            • Walgreens opportunities are not for us. They are all focused on pharmacy education (etc.)
          • Archer Daniels – Midland
          • Caterpillar
          • McDonalds
          • Kraft
          • Baxter


  • Lagunitas – Mark


        • permabound books?
        • Gladys Brooks Foundation – Deb – sending letter asking for $25,000 this week
        • Dunham Funds Grant – Deb
        • shutterfly
        • A lending hand – Jen
        • RGK Foundation – Kim Kotty (contacting.  can only apply once every 12 months.  )
        • Other grants that we might consider are at http://test.perma-bound.com/grants-and-funding.faces
      • Grant opportunities? (#1 rule = looking for a philosophical fit.)
        • IEA?
        • NEA?
        • Gates Foundation?
      • Planning a 5K (Not as high of a priority today…)
        • as part of the conference   OR
        • as a theme run in different communities on the same day (outside of the conference)
        • Deb Will has planned a 5K – 3 years to make money off the run. # of boots on the ground is huge. Return is about $2,000 in the first year. Local people would need to find out how to get a permit.
      • Advice for this year’s conference
        • pub crawl for Friday night?
        • Art crawl?
        • Still Dinner at hotel (because we have contracted it)


    • Updates, Decisions and Action Steps
      • Angelo and Carol:  looked up State Farm.  Their grant proposals are done for this year.  sept 1 – Oct 30.  Angelo is going to create a calendar on the IATE website exec board section so we can seek this out next year.  
      • Carol is going to follow up with State Farm
      • Deb:  If we don’t get the grant, you must call and ask the tough question:  why didn’t we get this grant.  


  • Create a Google Sheet – KIM M. will make this
  • Create a Google Doc of the actual request.  


    • Barb and Betsy:  revised description of organization.  Description that is almost finished.  Pulled titles from previous conference presentations.  For companies, can summarize the categories of PD that are offered.  When it comes to marketing for upcoming conferences, can use this as well.  Shared description.  Going to work in Continuing Education credits.  May add info about our preservice.
      • Can you share the Google now, so we will see the updates as they occur in real time. See below
    • Genevieve and Deb:  made an ASK to Half Price books for $5000 and highlighted the work with preservice teachers.  Genevieve is looking at Pepsi.  Dunham Foundation is specifically geared to Aurora.  Aurora teachers had to cancel because of financial hardship.  12 teachers (presenters) had to cancel.  
    • Mark:  Lagunitas update.  They do hold onsite fundraising (for the future?)  This could be a district event.  Occupancy is 200 people.  Think about a Monday night in the summer.  Going forward:  In contact with Marketing.  By next weekend..will have an update.  
    • Kim and Jen:  Looked at Target, but found mostly grassroots.  Could Target fund the books for the author of the year?????  There must be more, but the website is not very conducive for finding this info.  Walgreens:  really geared toward pharmacy education.  JoAnn Fabrics:  Kim is going to go through the steps of submitting some language from the letter.  How much money are we asking for?  Research other groups?  RGK Foundation:  Gives a lot of money.  Going to submit an electronic letter of inquiry. https://www.GrantRequest.com/SID_374?SA=AM  Lending Hand:  father in law chooses organizations.  If we haven’t missed the date, we might get money from them.  
    • Jen is charging $25 per person for her conference.  That money will go back into IATE.  Betsy encouraged Jen to send out emails and ask for the help that she needs.  Right now, she needs proposals.  Deb encouraged:  send an email out to the listserv for reminders about presenting.  Mark should send an Jen an email with the contact info of speakers from the conference.  ROE put it out.  
    • Author of the Year: partner with a local bookstore/local library – possible sponsorship to provide books for all the conference attendees.
    • AT NCTE:  check out publishers and other vendors to seek them out.  
    • Focus on Increasing Membership:  (for future meeting)
      • Another intervention on membership:  (can we raise our conference to $250 for conference attendance)
      • Need for a membership committee
      • Reaching out specifically to district.  
      • Have we ever had a booth at NCTE??????  Will NCTE give us that list? KIM M will reach out to them to see if they will share that with us.  If we need to, we can just go through the program and do it the long way.   


Description so far:

The Illinois Association of Teachers of English (IATE) provides professional development with continuing education credits and networking opportunities for teachers of English Language Arts. We serve teachers throughout the state of Illinois at all levels, elementary through college, including mentoring pre-service teachers.  We offer a variety of programs and publications, including an annual fall conference, regional workshops, professional journal, and newsletter.

IATE provides a lively network for the exchange of pedagogical approaches, current research, and best practices.


The mission of the Illinois Association of Teachers of English is to improve the quality of instruction in English at all educational levels; to encourage research, experimentation, and investigation in the teaching of English; to facilitate professional cooperation of the members; to hold public discussions and programs; to sponsor the publication of desirable articles and reports; and to integrate the efforts of all those who are concerned with the improvement of instruction in English.


Google Classroom: Teaching to Today’s Students

Positive Digital Citizenship and Authentic Learning Experiences Through Online Discussions

Teaching ELLs to Write in the Age of Common Standards

Speaking to Open Your World: Socratic Seminars in the Classroom

Drama Strategies: Bring Literature to Life

Beyond the Classroom Walls: embracing real world, project-based learning

What is our Story?: How to Engage Students in World Literature to Ignite Creativity, Build Responsibility, and Embrace the Arts of Language

Using Informational Text to Connect Curriculum to the World

Teaching that “Sticks”: Using the Think Aloud Teaching Strategy for Skill Transfer

Dialectical Discourse: Analysis of Text through Authentic Discussion

Grading Genius — using peer review to teach targets and provide feedback

The Dislocated Voice: Thoughts on Post-Colonial African Literature

Reviewing Self- and Peer Review:  Formative Self-, Peer, and Teacher Assessment as a Means to Foster Critical Thinking and Self-Awareness

Making Grades Meaningful:  Going Standards-Based in a Traditional Grading System

Integrating Visual Art in the English Classroom

Harnessing the Power of Story to Drive Argument Writing

Aristotle Gets a Job:  21st Century Twists on the Ancient Art of Rhetoric

Narrative Pathways to Inquiry

Building Inferential Skills through Drama

Inquiry & Reluctant Readers:  Engaging the Next Generation

Student-led Writing Centers:  Addressing the Common Core and Promoting Better Writing

Traditional Texts vs. PARCC:  Structured Process Approach to Preparing Students to Write for the 21st Century

Redefining the Classics through Inquiry-Based Learning and the Common Core Writing Standards

Reaching Beyond the Classroom to Teach Information Literacy

Developing Purposeful Products in the High School Classroom

More than Words:  Using Story-Based Learning to Engage Reluctant Learners and Develop Critical Thinking

AP Argument:  Expectations and Suggestions

From Consumers to Creators, Using Web 2.0 Tools to Empower Students

Merging Students’ Classroom Voices with Their Digital Voices:  Discussion Board as a Tool in the Composition Process

More Feedback, Less Grading

Connecting Literature to Life: Interdisciplinary Approaches in the English Classroom

Using 1:1 Video Tools to Improve Writing Instruction and Assessment

“Is This Real Life?” Creating Authentic Assessments in a Standards-Driven Culture

Exploring Diversity with Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Freudian Slips: Literary Theory in the High School Classroom

Tailor-Made Education: Using Technology to Individualize the Curriculum

The Writing is on the Wall: Teaching Students to See Meaningful Text Everywhere

Using Classroom Conversations As Texts: Authorizing Students to Build, Maintain, and Learn from Dialogic Communities

Making Research Meaningful: How Will Your Career Positively Affect the World?

Strategies for Reflective Practice

Example of mini conference:


Literacy in the 21st Century:

Filling Gaps and Building Bridges

Sponsored by IATE South Central and Central Districts



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