IATE Committees and Representatives

  • Articulation: Betsy Kahn
  • Budget: Michelle Ryan
  • Constitution: Norm Boyer
  • Convention Sites: Jean Black
  • District Leader Coordinator: Delores Robinson
  • Honorary Awards: Genevieve Sherman
  • Intellectual Freedom: Amy Strong
  • Minority Affairs: Shannon Radcliffe
  • NCTE Slate:
  • Nominating: Carrie Santo-Thomas
  • Paul Jacobs Research: Tom McCann
  • Program: Kim Kotty
  • Publications: Michelle Ryan
  • Publicity: Moira Bonadonna
  • Rebecca Caudill Young Readers Book Award: Jeanné Aken
  • Special Projects: Kimberly Musolf
  • Teacher Education: Dianne Chambers and Angelo Bonadonna
  • Webmaster: Angelo Bonadonna

See a Committee that seems like a good fit?
Talk to one of IATE’s board members or Conference Chair Kim Kotty.

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