Fostering Resilience: utilizing differentiated strategies to support all students in cultivating a growth mindset and becoming metacognitive readers and writers

We need to be pioneers who embrace our resilient spirit. Participants will gain specific ideas to create warm, supportive, engaged, and hard-working classrooms where students feel a strong sense of belonging. These methods can easily be incorporated into any lesson and will strengthen the student-to-student bonds as well as the student-to-teacher relationship in order to help students reach optimum academic success.

Producing Podcasts as an Alternative Assessment

This session will describe a summative assessment that used the genre of a “true crime” podcast with Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Students modeled the journalistic style of the novel, used critical thinking and textual evidence to analyze characters, practiced the writing process through re-reading, drafting, and revision, and tapped into their own creativity and humor to increase their understanding of the novel. This session will explain the process of the podcast project, demonstrate the technology tools used, look at samples of the final product, and brainstorm other works of literature that might lend themselves to this engaging alternative to a test or essay.

How many ways can we come to know a text?

Session D1

This interactive, participatory session will engage attendees in working collaboratively through a short but complex text, engaging all the tools in our repertoire, including, but not limited to, close reading, linguistic analysis, arts-based inquiry, contemporary and historical critical theory, analogical thinking, and reader response. Our goal will be to examine, discuss, and develop classroom approaches that engage a wide swath of strategies, honoring all approaches and equipping ourselves with tools for differentiation.