Workshop Session 3

Saturday, 1:30 p.m. – 2:55 p.m.

Session W5

Naomi Davis
    Blacks in Green
Barb Chidley
     Rockford Guilford High School
Room: Redbird F
Audience: General

Close to Home – Literally!
Ms. Davis, along with with English teacher Barb Chidley, will help teachers brainstorm and develop unit plans that engage their students in real-world problem solving that connects directly to their communities and incorporates elements of STEM (now STEAM) into their research. “What is good for the African diaspora is good for everyone; and what’s bad for the African diaspora is bad for everyone.” Thus, all teachers can gain inspiration from BIG’s Eight Principles of Green Village Building to develop projects of their own. Teachers will receive an example PBL unit plan focused on the greater use of solar power in our communities.

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Session W6

Hasham Bhatti
Michael Smith
    Hinsdale Central High School
Room: Fell A
Audience: High School

Listen Up and Speak Out:  Serial Injustice
This presentation focuses on Sarah Koenig’s Serial.  Students identify rhetorical devices while listening to the podcast and also engage with issues of race, the justice system, and fair reporting. Students find nuances within language by analyzing connotative and denotative meanings to characterize individuals, delineate logic, and evaluate bias.

Session W7

Stephanie Gates
    Lionel Hampton Fine and Performing Arts
Room: Fell B
Audience: General

The Role of Gender and Sexual Identity in the Classroom
The world as we know it is changing, and school is a microcosm of the larger society. Educators need to understand the impact of sexual and gender identity in the classroom. In this 90 minute interactive workshop, we will discuss strategies for dealing with this sensitive subject matter.

Session W8

Robin Murray
Donna Binns
Amber Laquet
        Eastern Illinois University
Room: Fell C
Audience: Middle/High School

Authentic Digital Writing Contexts on the Homefront
This session will reveal useful ways to engage students in authentic digital writing across grade levels, such as blogging, digital portfolios, Google tools, websites, and podcasts. As digital writing expert Troy Hicks declares, “digital writing is perhaps the best way to help [students] realize their potential in academic, social, political, and community contexts.”

Session W9

James Walter Doyle
    Donors Choose
Room: Redbird E
Audience: All Levels

Get Your Students What They Need!
Connect to a thriving community of donors that is eager to fund your classroom projects. Learn how to post your project (the books, technology, field trips—anything you’ve been dreaming of for your students) on Donors Choose.  After the conference, a panel of judges will determine which project is most valuable and that teacher will be fully funded!!  Bring your laptop.

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