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Name Office District
Angelo Bonnadonna Metro South District Co-Leader Metro South
Betsy Kahn Immediate Past President NW Suburban
Cheryl Staley Past President/Southern District Co-Leader Southern
Carol Medrano District Leader Coordinator Metro South
Diane Smith Administrative Aide – ISU Central
Carrie Thomas North Lakes District Co-Leader North Lakes
Mark Sujak 1st Vice President West Suburban
Kim Musolf President North Lakes
Jessie Anderson Southern District Leader Southern
Barb Chidley 2nd Vice President Northwestern
Norman Boyer Metro South Co-Leader/Constitution Metro South
Jennifer Hudson South Central District Leader South Central
Jan Neuleib Executive Secretary/Bulletin Editor Central
Dianne Chambers West Suburban West Suburban
Marilyn Hollman SLATE West Suburban
Tarrie Dullum Treasurer Southern
Sergio Sontillian District Co-Leader Chicago N & W
Ryan Dooley District Co-Leader Chicago N & W
Callie Sears Mississippi Valley District Leader Mississippi Valley
Jennifer Gouin Central District Co-Leader/Secretary Central


Kim called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m.

Standing Committee Reports:


Norm said he will continue to work on it and sent it to the board in “hunks” for approval.

Old Business:

Nominating Committee:

Betsy needs to form a committee, which will work via email. Callie Sears (Mississippi Valley), Jessie Anderson (Southern), and Angelo Bonnadonna (Metro South) volunteered and were accepted. Betsy will send information out on the listserv for nominations.

IATE Website:

Angelo gave a report on the e-commerce transactions. He said it’s been a relatively smooth transition, and most of the transactions have been via credit card. We used Stripe (fees of $363) and PayPal to process transactions. Per Herb’s report, the PayPal expense was around $1300, so we should probably look into it. We have some checks outstanding as well. Angelo said he’d like to be the webmaster if that is okay with the board. Barb proposed he be appointed webmaster, and Betsy seconded it. Motion carried. He also had several presenters volunteer to give their materials from the conference. He will take and archive the information.


We need to hear from Cris Embree about transitioning to this format, and Kim will follow up with her. Per Angelo, we have a member-restricted area on the website for items such as this. We also need the conference form online and available in print, but that probably won’t happen until the fall. Per Marilyn, we should have a column on member achievements. Angelo or Barb will request blogging ideas from members.

New Business:

2016 Conference:

Per Carol, we need to get featured speakers for the upcoming conference on the website as soon as possible. Since it’s in Bloomington/Normal, perhaps we can reach out to State Farm. Jan mentioned Carol Jago as a speaker. Mark said she would speak at the upcoming conference.

Barb asked if we were going to change the format, since we’re doing a full day (until 4 p.m.) on Saturday next year. Carol said it can be different from what it has been, that people really like sessions so perhaps fewer speakers and more sessions. Per Jan, her colleagues (one is Sally Perry) do a program entitled “At the Movies,” which would be good for Saturday afternoon.

Barb’s requests for the conference:

  • just needs help from Kim and Mark
  • Deb reached out to her about magnets and postcards, so a huge thank you to her for her promotion and materials
  • Thanks in advance to Angelo who will put the items on the website

Ideas from the board:

  • Per Barb’s discussion with Angelo and Carol, we need to reach out to people. We wait for people to come to us
  • Per Jen Hudson, post conference on all ROE’s websites in the state
  • Per Marilyn, try to attract more reading people
  • Per Carol, vendors don’t have to be book companies
  • Per Cassie, contact Bloomington/Normal school districts to get as many attendees as possible
  • Per Angelo, we need to find ways “not to reinvent the wheel.”
    • Contact lists of names and emails
    • Committee for corporate sponsorships

Per Jan, we can use local and writing project people

  • Rebecca Hollsworth would probably help
  • Also mentioned Kristin Strong and Mike Soares from Pontiac HS

Kim will send out on the listserv a Google Docs sheet to add contacts from our area, and Angelo will put the forms on the Executive Board part of the website.

2016 Awards:

We need Teacher of Excellence, Emerging Leader, and Intellectual Freedom. Deb and Betsy are working on clarifying the process for nominations so that every year we generate nominations and have candidates. Per Jan, we need to have more issues to qualify for the publication award. Per Cheryl, we need to be thinking about/discussing handling of electronic publications and content so it is unique from our printed items.


Per Kim, Tarrie needs to pay for our domain name renewal because it expires in February.  It costs $180 for five years. Betsy made a motion for approval, and Mark seconded it. Motion carried.

Per Carol, Kim Kotty, Andrea Cobbett, and Susan Lamont are also interested in becoming involved.

The Leadership Academy and spring Executive Board meeting with be on March 5th to coincide with the South Central/Central District mini-conference in Decatur at MacArthur High School.

Kim adjourned the meeting at 3 p.m.


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