Executive Secretary Report, March 2016

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March 2016

As always we thank English Department leaders Professors Chris De Santis, chair, and our associate chair, Katherine Ellison And most of all, we thank Maegan Gaddis, who orders, arranges, and supports all our endeavors. My constant thanks go out to her for her devoted work with IATE. Again, ISU’s English Education director is now Lisa Thetard, former BHS English teacher.

The IATE Bulletin continues to thrive. Publication Unit assistant director, Holms Troelstrup, has settled in and is now at work on final touches for the Spring 2016 issue.  Julie Cheville, Professor in the English Department, will be taking over the editor’s task in 2017. She will shadow me this year as we move through the issues and then take the reins in Spring 2017. That issue is pretty much finished, so her first issue will be for Fall 2017, the Young Writers’ issue.

See my note in the Newsletter for my description of NCTE Affiliate activities. It was so exciting to see Illinois folk in Minneapolis in force and ISU’s own Doug Hesse speaking as Program Chair and future President (some of you may not know that Doug was at ISU for many years before moving to Denver. My deep thanks go to Betsy Kahn for her help and attention to the suggested guidelines for IATE future planning. She gave up her “free” time at NCTE to work on this document.

I continue to coordinate the judging for the NCTE-sponsored Norman Mailer awards for high school teachers’ fiction writing. Any volunteers to review the high school teachers’ fiction pieces, please let me and Carrie Stewart (Carrie Stewart <CStewart@NCTE.ORG>) know. We always need readers, and I thank those of you who are now a part of the team.

Membership numbers are on the back of this report.


Janice Neuleib, Executive Secretary[/it-exchange-member-content]

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