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Name Office District
Angelo Bonnadonna Metro South District Co-Leader Metro South
Betsy Kahn President NW Suburban
Cheryl Staley Immediate Past President/Southern District Co-Leader Southern
Carol Medrano District Leader Coordinator Metro South
Diane Smith Administrative Aide – ISU Central
Carrie Thomas North Lakes District Co-Leader North Lakes
Genevieve Sherman Honorary Awards North Lakes
Deb Will Special Projects North Lakes
Mark Sujak Incoming 1st Vice President West Suburban
Kim Musolf Incoming President North Lakes
Jessie Anderson Southern District Leader Southern
Barb Chidley Incoming 2nd Vice President Northwestern
Norman Boyer Metro South Co-Leader/Constitution Metro South
Jennifer Hudson South Central District Leader South Central
Jan Neuleib Executive Secretary/Bulletin Editor Central
Dianne Chambers West Suburban West Suburban
Marilyn Hollman SLATE West Suburban
Jennifer Gouin Central District Co-Leader/Secretary Central




Betsy called the meeting to order.

Conference Site Committee:

Per Jean Black, our next two conferences are in Bloomington-Normal: October 20-22, 2016 and October 19-21, 2017. Jean had two proposals returned to her for 2018:

  • Embassy Suites in East Peoria
  • Marriott Chicago Northwest (Hoffman Estates)
    • Per Jean, this hotel is gorgeous
    • One of the top 10 Marriotts in North America
    • They will comp one room for every 20
    • Reduced rates for rooms ($110)
    • 2 suites offered at group rate
    • Complimentary Wi-Fi
    • Function space rental waived based on $300/day in food and beverage
    • Have to fill 80 rooms

Jean’s suggestion was for the Marriott Chicago for 2018 (only gave us a one-year proposal at this time). Deb made a motion to accept for 2018 and authorize Jean to get 2019 proposal(s). Kim seconded it, and the motion carried.

The board also discussed doing a survey about convention sites or possibly having a joint conference with another organization. Jan suggested perhaps the Missouri teachers for a conference in St. Louis.

Per Jean, we still need to include the paper registration form in the newsletter as well. We need to have the program chair send it to Cris Embree.

2nd Vice President’s Report:

Mark asked for three people to fill open spots at the registration desk. The last registration number he had was 122. The agenda for the business meeting had to be put together, including the slate: President Kim Musolf; 1st Vice President Mark Sujak; 2nd Vice President Barb Chidley; Secretary Jennifer Gouin; and Treasurer Terrie Dullum. Betsy will also ask for nominations for NCTE awards.

Treasurer’s Report:

Genevieve gave the report. Per Herb, he was missing two bank statements (none sent to him since July), so he’s not sure the current numbers are accurate.


We need an interview with our nominee Jillian Schneider for the NCTE Teacher of Excellence. Deb noted that perhaps the candidate should have attended the IATE conference the year before they are nominated. We decided to table and return to the topic at a later date.

Secretary’s Report:

Jennifer Gouin presented the spring meeting notes for approval. Barb made a motion to accept them, and Dianne Chambers seconded it. Motion carried.

1st Vice President’s Report:

Kim said that perhaps we should send a letter about accepted presenters to their superintendent/principal. Per Deb, we could ask for an administrator’s name/address on the proposal form. Genevieve suggested that we do certificates for presenters as well. Our CPDU accreditation was approved; per Jan it was a great deal of work.

District Leader Coordinator Report:

Carol Medrano mentioned two events that had already occurred. Carol, Norm and Angelo held the 1st Larry Johannessen Memorial Lecture. Carol Jago and Betsy spoke. Mark and Betsy also presented. Per Carol, she has a banner than can be used for other mini-conferences. Cheryl had a one-day conference with 63 people in attendance, the largest they’ve had. Jessie was a major organizer of that event. They had three main speakers and three breakout sessions. They used their ROE to give CPDUs and had them post the event on the ROE’s electronic bulletin board and their listserv. Jennifer Hudson, South Central district leader, is hosting an event at her school, MacArthur High School in Decatur, on March 5th. She will be working with the Central District as well (Michelle Ryan and Jennifer Gouin). The $25 cost will include membership, as well as a main speaker and breakout sessions. Jennifer Hudson needs proposals and people to peer review. Deb has nametags and a checklist.

Deb Will will now be North Lakes district co-leader with Carrie Thomas. Two years ago they successfully collaborated on a conference. Deb is also on her ROE’s Advisory Board.

Per Cheryl, the ROE will get information to the younger demographic and those at the middle and jr. high levels.

Special Projects Report:

Deb had buttons for us to wear and give out during the conference. For Barb’s conference she has “Save the Date” postcards and magnets to be left out at the registration desk. In addition, she reminded us to wear our IATE shirts on Friday. Limited numbers were also available for purchase at the registration desk.

Betsy adjourned the meeting.


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